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By derekjtaylor, Dec 2 2019 11:56AM

This will be the first time Maggie and I have been on Silversea. We can't wait. We've seen so much wonderful praise for this cruise line. I'll be doing four talks - on Magna Carta.

I'll be explaining all the myths - the many ways it's been misunderstood. I'll be talking about the larger-than-life characters who were part of its story, women like Eleanor of Aquitaine, the remarkable woman who influenced four kings and led an army at the age of 78, Richard the Lionheart (not the hero you might imagine), and the monarch who it was thought could fly.

I'll also be telling the story of ordinary folk back in the twelfth century - and - wow - what a tough life they led! Finally, we'll look at how it's come about that Magna Carta today has a much greater impact in the USA than it does in the country of its birth.

We're so looking forward to meeting you all.

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