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Derek J Taylor

'Magna Carta in 20 Places'

Derek Taylor's second book was published by The History Press 5th May 2015.

King John's tomb in Worcester Cathedral




  'Magna Carta in 20 Places' tells the story of this world famous document in a unique and entertaining way, through twenty places associated with the Great Charter’s birth and extraordinary later history. The journey takes us through England and Wales, to France, the Middle East and the USA.

    Here's the historic itinerary.


  • The Royal Exchange, City of London.

  • The Fens, Cambridgeshire, England.

  • Clarendon Palace, Wiltshire, England.

  • Acre, Israel.  

  • Angouleme, France.

  • Mirebeau-en-Poitou, France.

  • Chateau Gaillard, France.

  • The Marches, South Wales.

  • Laxton, Nottinghamshire, England.

  • Lincoln, England.

  • Temple Ewell, Kent, England.

  • Bouvines, Flanders, France.

  • Runnymede, Surrey, England. 

  • The British Library, London.

  • The Wash, Lincolnshire, England.

  • Worcester cathedral, England.

  • The Internet.

  • The Palace of Westminster, London.

  • Jamestown, Virginia, USA.

  • Washington DC.  


    'Magna Carta in 20 places' has a light touch, a direct style, is entertaining as well as informative.

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Normand colour

King John and the barons at Runnymede.

The classic view

according to Victorian artist, Ernest Normand.

Worcester cathedral -John's Tomb 16-Worcester cathedral -J's effigy Colour 23 – Magna Carta

Only four of the original copies of the 1215 Magna Carta have survived. They're each written in closely fitted letters in abreviated Latin on a piece of parchment the size of a red-top newspaper turned on its side.

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