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Derek J Taylor

Derek Taylor

is a former


TV news


now historian,

and public speaker 


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Derek Taylor.

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Derek Taylor

New York conference: Derek Taylor gives keynote speech on

Magna Carta

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to see a video of "Magna Carta: tyranny, treachery and liberty"

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 Magna Carta in 20 Places  

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"Taylor possesses that terrific journalistic zest that so often eludes academics, and knows how to tell a story."    

    - Oxford Today

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Fayke Newes

The Media vs the Mighty

from Henry VIII to Donald Trump


Published by The History Press


"A revealing and sometimes alarming

review of the age-old efforts by governments to muzzle the media"

                                        - Peter Snow

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Fayke Newes

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Below - Listen to a BBC interview with Derek about his book,

"Who do the English think they are?"

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  In Fayke Newes, historian and international journalist, Derek J Taylor tracks the long and sometimes bloody fight between journalists and governments.


  On a journey through the centuries, we criss-cross the Atlantic between Britain and America, during wars and in peacetime, and discover that neither side have always told the truth.  


   And, in our own time, when social media has put mass communication in the hands of anyone with a smart-phone - from a US President, to any crook, liar or foreign enemy - Taylor asks: What hope for the rest of us who just want to know what’s really going on?

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Talking on Sky News to Adam Boulton  about "Fayke Newes"