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Derek J Taylor

   Derek Taylor

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Derek Taylor

  Magna Carta in 20 Places  tells the story of Magna Carta in a unique and entertaining way, through twenty places associated with the Great Charter's birth and extraordinary later history.


  This illustrated volume takes us on an exotic journey through the palaces and villages of England, the castles and towns of France, via the Middle East and ending in the United States today. The characters who gave birth to Magna Carta, and in later centuries were inspired by it in their often bitter struggles for liberty and justice, are brought to life at the places where they lived, struggled and died.


  And in the final chapters the author answers one of the great mysteries about the Charter: why have the twenty-first century citizens of America adopted this 800 year old English document as their own symbol of freedom under the law?


  Magna Carta in 20 Places has a light touch, a direct style, and is entertaining as well as informative.


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New York conference: Derek Taylor gives keynote speech on

Magna Carta

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to see a video of "Magna Carta: tyranny, treachery and liberty"



Derek's Magna Carta event at the US's biggest book festival

The Brooklyn Book Festival in New York will host a conversation with Derek about his book "Magna Carta in 20 Places" on 20th September. The event which attracts 25,000 attendees broadcast throughout the US on the cable network C Span

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Derek's last book

Magna Carta in 20 Places 

was published

by The History Press

on 5th May 2015

to mark

the 800th anniversary

of the Great Charter

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"Taylor possesses that terrific journalistic zest that so often eludes academics, and knows how to tell a story. It's a wonderful book and deserves to be very widely enjoyed."

                                                   - Oxford Today

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Derek's next book

Who do the English

think they are? 

A history of English national identity, told through 20 places where the best - and the worst - qualities of the English were formed.